Review :- LG Cine Beam HU80KSW 4K Projector

Nowadays having cinematic experience at home or having home cinema is no longer preserve for the rich . Because now the market is full of affordable low range projectors. You will get projectors at your own preferred prices . Soz if want to take the pleasure of cinematic experience at your home from the comfort of your own sofas then it is not going cost you an arm and leg.

Price and availability

The prices hovering around the £2,000 / $2,400 / AU$3,600 mark, which depends on the model number of the Projector.

Design and features

It simple design shows the power of simplicity. When you lift up the cap you will find a mirror. Which simply reflect the images on the surface which you have used . Its simple design let you to page it wherever you want in the room.
You can stand it anywhere in the middle of the room or in your coffee table . On to wall you can fix it , at the ceiling you can do so. Focus and zooming can be controlled by the dials which on the top of the LG Cine Beam.
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Picture performance

Product likes these we always hope to have a great experience and have great expectations from their performance. But LG Cine Beam HU80KSW sets it’s all the promises in it and that is what we liked about it . The most important thing that you have to focus is to find the position in your room for Cine Beam. Once the ‘screen’ is big enough, clearly focused and properly aligned then it will not cost you any more time for fixing the projector. LG Cine Beam comes with slightly very useful features as well which helps you to adjust it very easily.

Picture quality is crisp as compared to other products available in the market . The colors look very natural . But when it comes to look LG Cine Beam as a projector so it does not match the standard when it comes to see low light scene . But at this price it holds its position very well.

Sound performance

When it comes to sound we are more often basic but the LG Cine Beam HU80KSW has enough talent or features which is enough to impress .
It has fast and dynamic sound quality. The given speakers are lined along the each side of unit. For surround sound you have to keep them apart . Stereo imaging is quite good.

Final verdict

So it is now here that there is no doubt that LG Cine Beam is one the best choice for those who want to take the cinematic experience at their home . It gives you best performance whetehr it is picture quality or sound quality. Its features are also are admirably enough for the home cinema system. So if you want to buy a 4k projector the upgrade to LG Cine Beam HU80KSW.

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