How to Watch Project Free TV on Samsung Smartphone?

We must have to thank the latest technology which helped in the emergence of various online entertainment content and making it accessible so easy.

In this article, we are going to review one of the most popular online streaming platforms known as Project Free TV. It belongs to a group of websites which contains a vast database of movie and TV shows at free of cost.

How to Watch Project Free TV on Android Smartphone?

What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV is a popular online streaming website that allows its users to stream their favourite movie and TV shows all under one platform. This website has clustered all the worldwide databases of the movie and TV shows. It presents all its content in a very convenient navigated interface which is found very helpful by the users. It works like a library of video content that is gathered from various websites on the Internet. With the help of Project Free Tv, anyone can stream their favourite content at free of cost. It became one of the famous movie streaming sites because it provides any movie or TV show on the fingertips of its users.

Project Free TV includes various features in its website like it has one of the best sporting features which include alphabetically sorting from A-Z, which makes it easy for the users to navigate on the webpage. It’s another feature include a calendar which is used to find any movie or TV show released on a particular date. It provides you with a dialogue box which consists of various dates and after clicking on any one of them it will show you all the movies and Tv shows released during that particular date.

How to Use Project Free TV on Android?.

It is a necessary process; you just have to access the main website of Project Free TV using your smartphone browser and search for your favourite content. And if it’s available Project Free TV will provide you with the streaming link of that video. You just have to visit the link and enjoy your streamable content on your android smartphone.

NOTE: You must have an ad-blocker installed on your phone and VPN connections, which helps you to keep your data safe and keeps you stay away from all those pop-up ads.

How to download Project Free TV shows on android?

Downloading process of Project Free TV videos on your smartphone is quite similar to that of a computer.

You just have to follow these steps listed as:

  1. Firstly, you have to install a downloader on your smartphone like Advanced Download manager (ADM) or Internet Download Manager (IDM).
  2. Now, search for the desired content you want to download.
  3. If available, Project Free Tv will provide you with the link.
  4. You just have to copy the link and paste it on the URL bar of your downloader.
  5. After clicking the start button, the download process starts.

Now, you can enjoy your favourite movie or TV show anytime on your smartphone.

Best VPNs available for assessing Project Free TV.

Since Project Free TV streams copyrighted content which disheartened the original content creators which resulted in blocking of the website in various countries.

However, with the help of a VPN, it is possible to gain access to Project Free TV as VPN modifies the IP address of your system and makes you invisible on the Internet. When you are streaming on Project Free TV with VPN connected, nobody will be able to track you online neither the hackers nor the ISP providers. This way, you can safely access Project Free TV and stream your favourite content anytime you want.

Top 5 VPN for Project Free TV:

Tor Guard

It is mainly used for torrent sharing and provides the most reliable security protocols and some features like automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection.

IP Vanish

It is the best option if you want to bypass geo-restrictions and it even allows P2P connection over its network.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

This VPN is best in terms of its services which provide more than 3000 servers placed in almost 25 countries which is enough to bypass region-based restrictions easily.

Ghost VPN

It is the best VPN if you want to stream content online. It is also well known for its privacy features. It comes with a 256-bit AES encryption which supports OpenVPN protocol.

Express VPN

It is a very reliable option and one of the best VPN available for Project Free TV. It offers more than 1000 servers in over 70+ countries. It is optimized for fast connection and does not consist of any bandwidth limits.


Q1. Is downloading safe from Project Free TV?

Yes, it is entirely safe to download content from Project Free TV. You just have to be alert about the pop-up ads and ignore them as much as you can.

Q2. Is Project Free TV safe?

It is the most asked question from all the users. Hopefully, the answer is yes, it is safe if and if only if you took the same precaution while using it like you have to install the latest ad blocker and anti-malware software on your system.

Q3. Is Project Free TV legal?

As the disclaimer of Project Free Tv states that the author is not responsible for any content or website linked to that page. As Project Free TV does not host any content it only redirects you to another streaming website is entirely legal.


As we all know that the Internet is very resourceful as well as a hazardous place. So, you have to be very attentive while accessing these kinds of websites on your smartphone. It is recommended that you use VPN and adblocker applications activated on your phone before accessing these networks. Hope you liked the article and if you do, don’t forget to share it once.…

Samsung Galaxy A90 could be the next 5G phone from Samsung

We all are one the fans of Samsung smart phones. Because it fullfils the requirements of the customer in term of specifications and durability of their phone . After the successful launch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G and the Galaxy S10 5G , it seems that Samsung’s new 5G smartphone is going to be Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. Which is going to be company’s first budget smartphone which connect to 5G network.

It is the leak news which has come from one of the famous leaker Evan Blass who posted the numbers of tweets which included video and static features of the phone which linked to the Galaxy A90 5G.

What is going to be the amazing features which we will see in upcoming Samsung Galaxy A90 5G
When it comes for the phone specifications and feature the first thing which is comes in mind is its desing. So the design will be the same as the rest of the other A series smartphone from Samsung. Which have launched in last couple of months . Which means that there will be no rear camera panel that Moe’s and flips .

From the leaks it seems that there will be triple camera setup but we do not the specifications of that camera . But the photo uploaded by Blass showed that it will have a wide angle lens .

There is no finger print sensor at the back which suggests that there is going to be in-display fingerprint scanner. The display will have a “tear-drop” notch for its from camera . All in all, it shows that the design will be the same as the Galaxy A series design.

To get 5G it possible that Samsung has definitely made some sacrifices to get it in their Galaxy A90 . If we talk about other 5G smartphones available in the market are at high prices but Samsung Galaxy A90 is going to be more affordable than others . So it seems that when it gets launched this is going to be the first budget 5G smartphone.
As we also heard that fast charging is going to be the key specification in Galaxy A90 and from the leaks of Blass it confirmed that.

The one thing we are missing or we do not know about is its release date. We have been hearing the rumours about its release from the beginning of 2019 although still we are just hearing about it. We have not got any idea that when we are officially going to see the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G.

Recently Samsung has launched its new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 , so we are no going to expect from Samsung that it will launch any new phone in upcoming days . We are waiting for Samsung fold as well, so let’s see that if we get both Samsung fold and Samsung Galaxy A90 5G to get release together at the some point soon…